Astroid Driver Software Downloads

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To install MSI files on Windows 8…

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Run a command prompt as an administrator…
    • Go to the desktop.
    • Right click the Windows Start icon then select “Command Prompt (Admin)” to run it.
  4. If the MSI file is in, say, C:\Users\Fred Smith\Downloads then type in the commands
      cd “C:\Users\Fred Smith\Downloads”
      msiexec -i “Astroid Drivers 2.16 x64.msi”
    Replace the path and MSI filename with the correct names.
  5. Repeat this process for each required add-in.

Astroid Drivers
Astroid Drivers 2.16.msi
Astroid Drivers 2.16 x64.msi

Astroid Add-In 2.3 for Inventor (Beta 1).msi
Astroid Add-In 2.3 for Inventor x64 (Beta 1).msi

Astroid Add-In 1.3 for NX.msi
Astroid Add-In 1.3B for NX x64.msi

Solid Edge
Astroid Add-In 3.6 for Solid Edge.msi
Astroid Add-In 3.6 for Solid Edge x64.msi

Astroid Add-In 1.4 for SolidWorks.msi
Astroid Add-In 1.4 for SolidWorks x64.msi